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General & Medical Administraton


2/2 Fencible Drive
Howick, Auckland 2014
Phone: +64 9 534 7176
Email: admin@pictonsurgery.co.nz
EDI: pctnsthk

Online bookings, results & prescriptions?

This can easily be done by accessing your patient portal any time, 7 days a week or by phoning us.
網路預約, 檢查結果, 開藥? 利用 patient portal 即時又方便

After Hour Care


East Care Accident & Medical Centre
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week
260 Botany Road, Howick

Postal Address


2/2 Fencible Drive
Howick 2014

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Wish to enrol?

For new patient enrolments, please download and complete the enrolment & patient medical history forms. Please email or drop off to us with a copy of your passport/birth certificate (and work/or resident visa if applicable.)

新病人請下載表格 enrolmentpatient medical history 填表並附上護照/出生證明, 工作簽證/居民簽證, 回傳 e-mail或轉交至我們診所。

In a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, please dial 111

緊急醫療情況 請撥111