COVID Alert Level 3 Guidelines

Feb 2021

COVID Alert Level 3

Face to face consult online bookings have been disabled while Auckland is at Level 3.  If you require a face to face consult, please ring the medical practice 09 5347176.

PLEASE RING for advice if you have a cold, cough, temperature, shortness of breath, other respiratory symptoms, or been in contact with COVID-19 cases.

Picton Surgery consults types:
Face-to-face at the practice are available at Level 3 if essential, masks must be worn in the medical practice. Video and telephone consults are currently recommended – If photos are required to assist the doctor with the consult, please send photos of rash, wounds, area of concern to
During different COVID levels, all types of consults continue to be charged the standard 15 minute fee or accordingly to the service provided.
Appointment booking guidelines to help keep clinics on time:

* Book 15 min Dr appointments:  for 1-2 health issues only.
* Book 30 min Dr appointments for: multiple health concerns, Wellness (anxiety/depression) concerns, new patients or drivers license medicals for the 75+ age group. Extended consult charge may apply.

A cancellation fee will be charged if an appointment is not cancelled within 2 hrs or you do not arrive for a scheduled appointment that is not cancelled.


Thank you.