September 21, 2020

Office space to rent

Office space is available on a part time or full time basis.  Preference is the tenant is in the medical/health industry. If you wish to enquire, please contact our Practice on 09 534 7176.
September 20, 2020

Face to face, video or telephone consults available

Hello to you all, Picton Surgery GP’s provide face to face or vitual consults. All types of consults are charged the same 15min standard fee or accordingly to the medical service provided.  Booking appointments can be completed online or by ringing the medical practice. Video or telephone consults are very popular and have many advantages. They are very convenient, contactless and cost the same as face to face consults.  Advantages are: no travelling required, no waiting in the waiting room, no time off work required, no bringing in all the kids, patient mobility concerns eliminated, remote service provided where ever you may be. Photos can be sent to the GP prior telephone consults by emailing  
August 23, 2020

Fresh look for Picton Surgery

Next time you visit the medical practice, you will see our new blue Picton Surgery logo. We hope you like our new fresh 2020 spring look!
August 12, 2020

12 August 2020 Level 3

We hope you are all well.  Picton Surgery continues to be open Monday to Friday in all COVID-19 levels. As directed by Ministry of Health & Royal College of NZ GP’s, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community; Picton Surgery will run predominantly virtual consultations (telephone or video).  If you require a face to face appointment, the GP or nurse will invite you to come in.  Patients with flu like symptoms and require a COVID-19 test, please contact us as we can do the test for you at the Medical Practice. If you feel your medical or wellbeing concern requires urgent attention, please ring the surgery  Ph 09 534 7176 and a GP or nurse will contact you to make an appointment.   We are here for you so PLEASE contact us if you need advice. Only patients with pre-scheduled face to face consult appointments are to enter Picton Surgery at this stage. Support people are welcome to accompany patients in special circumstances but must phone reception to make prior arrangements. During Level 2,3 or 4,  only virtual consultations can be made online. Consult charges will remain as standard 15 minute consults or be charged accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation. Take care and stay safe.
May 18, 2020

May 2020

Dr Angela Li will be taking leave at the end of May as she is due to have her baby girl very soon. At this stage, a return date has not been set in place. We wish to welcome Dr Angela Wagner who will be joining the medical practice on a permanent basis in early June.  Dr Wagner has worked as a Locum Doctor over the past year at Picton Surgery and you may have had the pleasure of meeting her already. Dr Wagner completed Auckland Medical School in 2014 following her PHD and has been working as a GP in Tuakau Health Centre the past few years. Angela is multi-lingual and enjoys all aspects of general practice. Outside of work, she enjoys badminton, music and DIY.